The Notion of Wanting To Fail Faster To Learn

The Notion of Wanting To Fail Faster To Learn

This was a very interesting thought a friend told me the other as he expressed to me how he often looks for things to do where he can fail really fast at them. This way, he will learn way faster to be better. I was definitely surprised as we all usually think that you need small consistent victories in order to learn and grow.

The analogy he used was that if you were training to be a fighter and got punched by someone you will learn really quickly that getting hit is not good. That was kind of a good way to put it I suppose. True in many ways too huh? I guess business wise it just makes me wonder how you could set a realistic environment where failing a lot wouldn’t say cost you your home. I guess a classroom would be the most obvious choice, but even that I don’t think you would get the true picture on what it is like when you actually go out.

Actually makes me wonder where if you were training someone to be an employee for something as simple as a customer service role if they will actually learn faster if you set time to teach them about the role in a safe environment or if you just throw them out to work immediately where they will make tons of mistakes.

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