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The Notion of Questioning Everything In Business To Be Successful

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I was watching some interesting videos today that talked about how when it comes to doing things in business you should always question everything on why it is done the way it is as opposed to simply accepting it. For example, simply paying a high price for a product just because someone tells you that’s the standard rate.

Essentially like there it was implied that what you should do is find out why it costs how much it does. This ranges from learning how the companies manufacture the product to understanding what type of markups are applied. From there you can understand things like efficient or deficiency as well in terms of how the company operates. With that knowledge you can then discover ways to improve it.

That’s an interesting thought as usually if you are taught from a more traditional employee route you are often told to just do as you are told per se as that is how things are done. Questioning authority can usually get you in trouble right? Although that is very true as well where even for myself I often question things to try and truly understand what is going on.

I suppose in many ways too people would ask where would you draw the line such as asking too many questions when you are supposed to just do a job? I guess my thoughts on that is there is a difference between doing a job and creating solutions for a problem. One is like an exchange of service and the other is developing a future in my mind personally.

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