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The Notion of Being Prepared To Do Things Offline

DDos internet attack

There was sure a lot of news today about a large DDoS attack in the US that made large companies such as Amazon and Twitter go down for a bit of time. I am not sure what exactly caused it but it is kind of scary to read how reliant most of us are in using Internet where it can be taken down so easily. The funny thing was people always say you should be prepared for things like a natural disaster such as when all the power goes out. Is it silly to think with situations like this that you should always be prepared to have no Internet where you have alternative ways to in a sense do your work and communication?

I know for myself my usual plan work wise if things like the Internet died is to simply do other work that doesn’t require it. I personally don’t have like an alternative plan to get Internet access if the whole area goes down for whatever reason. Should I? I actually don’t see a reasonable solution for things like this as I would be inclined to have the mentality of if I am down then so is everyone else in a sense where there would be no point in sending stuff.

I guess again that goes back to just doing other things that doesn’t require the Internet. Unless you have a ton of money sitting around to build your own network of sorts of course.

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