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The Notion of Creating A One Size Fit All Hiring Process System

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I experienced something interesting the other day as I met a person who was seeing a bunch of people as he tried to screen out which candidates he would want to work with in a sense. From what I gathered everyone thought that they were going to be doing something only to have it changed up on them to see their reaction. What was fascinating to me was how I personally thought his way of doing so was a bit odd in a sense that it kind of showed me how companies could be losing very talented people due to like hiring processes.

Like in this case his strategy was to be abrasive in giving people instructions. On paper I think I knew exactly what he was doing as technically this should show if someone can say adapt to a different situation on the spot right? But the more I thought about it the idea seemed so flawed. Imagine it is a traditional interview where say an interviewee was told that he would just have to speak with like a guy named Bob. Then afterwards on the day of the interview he is told that he needs to find Joe instead at his house and help him fix like his computer or something like that as his “interview test.”

Like on paper I can kind of see how that can be like a way to see how adaptable one is to be able to do things on their own in last minute scenarios. But the flaw there I would imagine is I wouldn’t blame the interviewee in having a “Okay, what is going on? Is this like a scam or something?” type of confusion which them stops them from even doing it. Basically, it wouldn’t be really working as intended.

It reminds me of this clip I saw on TV before of humans apparently doing things like running faster than an animal. In many cases the humans did win. So would that mean the animal is just slow? Not really because in those cases the animals weren’t in the mindset of how it was like a race to begin with. That then made me think of all the examples of companies in various industries that lost its market share largely due to passing on valuable talent because its hiring process deemed them as say unfit. Things truly do start at the top huh?

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