Not Sure What To Do With Your Money
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Not Sure What To Do With Your Money

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Today I was kind of surprised to hear that this person who owned a fairly successful business had no idea what to do with all of the money he makes aside from giving himself a roof and buying the essentials. Therefore, he literally just throws it away at the casinos because he has nothing better to do with it in his mind. Naturally people say things like why not donate it or invest it into something else. Interestingly enough he said his answer was that he wasn’t able to find anything else that he was passionate about to spend his money on.

I think examples like these are why at times it’s great to explore and venture out into different things even if it is for nothing but to give you a different perspective in the world. That way you will never run out of things to think of that you can do or may want to explore. I often find literally learning about a new culture whether it be the type of shows they watch or the way of living can often inspire me to want to accomplish more. I think that’s how I personally avoid the not knowing what to do with your money scenario.

It’s a great way to make you think outside of the box too when it comes to money and how much you truly need to survive. Especially when you see people who are less fortunate you tend to not want to just blow it away on like a game of poker or something.

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