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Not Relying On Just One Lucky Opportunity To Do Everything

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I was thinking today as last year I had a great opportunity which could potentially lead into something bigger but I wouldn’t really know the results until way later this year. As exciting as it was this didn’t stop me from pursuing other opportunities as well. I think many times when we get something exciting it can be easy to think that this one thing is like the magic all-in-all solution to getting great results of sort. As a result many people start to plan things around it regardless if it is not finalized.

I was actually working on something that was similar where if anything it just motivated me to keep building it. If anything the other opportunity would just make reaching the destination faster in the sense as either way I would get there. So unfortunately it seems like based on some notes I read things won’t be panning out for that one item. However I was thinking that funny enough because I kept working on my personal project it pretty much reached to the level in many ways that the other item would have given me. It would have been better to have both but it kind of shows that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

It’s always better to have a variety of options to go with in many ways. At the same time it’s interesting to think about as it can also contradict other types of advice such as if you really want something bad then you should keep at it. I guess like most things depending on the situation things may not apply the same way in all cases and it can be a mistake to do so. I feel like in lottery types of opportunities like these you really do just have to treat it like one where your energy should be spent on building the steps towards your goal.

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