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Nordstrom $85 Leather Cover For A Rock

nordstrom rock $85 cover

Okay, who actually bought these for this price? I know Nordstrom is known for high end luxury products in many ways but this is kind of surprising. $85 for a small leather pouch of sorts to hold a rock? Talk about disposable income in many ways. Products like these are always entertaining and educational for me at the same time.

In on hand personally seeing things like these tend to make you reflect on all the ways we can spend our money while trying to reflect the things we have where many other people would consider other things as their version of a $85 leather rock cover of sorts. For example, people paying like $100 for some kind of digital property in a game or app that is simply nothing but like an avatar.

From a business aspect though it sure shows that there is often a market for everything as long as you put it out there. I am really curious how someone thought of this though as apparently it is even sold out right now.

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