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Having No Shame In Taking Other People’s Talent

Imagine you have just worked hard in trying to acquire the proper talent to work for your company or project. Essentially you spent all the time, money and resources in scouting for the person. When they go to the interview they are immediately approached by a competitor and asked to interview for them which they agree. This was actually a real scenario I saw today which got me thinking business wise how the person was able to do just that as if it was normal. In many ways they had the other company do all the work in finding the person just to then potentially snatch them up.

Kind of makes you think would you view this as simply business where anything goes in a sense where they are just looking out for their best interest? Or is that considered unethical in a sense? To me it’s kind of fascinating in the sense of how it probably happens all the time in different forms. For example, it could be an existing employee being lured to another that is pretty common. Although even in my mind this feels a little different.

It feels different in the sense of one of them feels a bit more stealth in the tactics whereas the other one feels like pure business such as trying to lure with the promises of say better pay or opportunities. I guess in many ways it is about perspective huh?

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