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Having No Restrictions To Grow Faster Initially

I was reading some interesting news today in regards to the video platform Youtube where as many of you know there was a lot of news surrounding its business as advertisers were pulling their funds out of the company after learning their ads were showing alongside videos with offensive content. So part of the problem it seems from the company’s end is that many people upload videos to make money where in order to get attention many post offensive things.

Now before it was actually really easy to join its program where for the most part it’s just a matter of clicking a button. Now it seems the company is implementing a policy where the content creator must have at least 10,000 views before they will even be considered to join such a program. The interesting thing were the comments on how having like an open gate policy to this was one of the reasons the business grew so big quickly. Now with its issues they have to be stricter.

That’s an interesting thought business wise where if you want to grow something initially then making it super accessible can be the way to go as opposed to thinking too long term as if you are like an established company where you have to be strict. Probably through that growth process too you can better define what kinds of restrictions you would need to put in place once you kind of have the base to work with. You never know too as based on how you grow your direction could completely change.

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