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All That News About PewDiePie Losing His Partnerships


For those who have never heard of the name PewDiePie he is pretty much the biggest Internet personality there is on the Internet. As a result he of course is constantly in a microscope as media outlets are constantly looking for ways to generate a story of course. Recently he did a few things that created a lot of outrage where from what I saw a lot of the material was taken out of context considering he creates a lot of over the top satire stuff. As a result he lost his partnership with company’s like Disney and even to a certain extent YouTube where he pretty much established himself.

This raised a lot of interesting question of things like free speech and business. In one end you have people saying he should be able to say whatever he wants as most people would get it’s a joke. On the other hand other people are saying there are plenty who would actually take it seriously and with his level of influence that is irresponsible. Hence, he deserves to lose his business ties.

I think that is just the reality of it in many ways where if your lifestyle is completely sponsored in a sense by a certain company then you kind of have to stay within an area that makes them comfortable per se. It’s a business relationship after all. If you really want to say anything that you want then like in his case with his reach I wouldn’t be surprised if he just makes his own network all together. Technically that would be a business option that gives one almost complete control of their own voice.

I do agree with the notion though that when you are in that big of an influential position then with that does come with responsibility to be more careful than the average person as one has so much more potential to immediately change something for the better or worst through their voice. Almost like with a lot of money actually comes with a lot of responsibilities as well.

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