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Natural Skills As A Reason To Not Try

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About twice this week I have heard someone say that they were unable to do certain things as good compared to others or that they are restricted from doing so as a result of not being born with a certain skill. An example was someone saying that he was not very good at speaking in front of a lot of people and that some people are just born with that skill to do so. Just to make sure he wasn’t saying that in a metaphoric way, he did indeed clarify that there are skills that you have to be born with to succeed.

I never understood that belief as for the most part the choices you made and life experiences that you have had are what molds you into who you are I’d say. To clarify too I don’t think this is the same thing as say growing up and not being able to see physically, which is something different in my opinion.

Kind of makes you want to throw water at people to wake them up when they say they can’t achieve something because they weren’t born with a certain skill set. Using the speaking in front of a lot of people as an example, while that is not something that phases me nowadays, I know more than enough people who can vouch for how timid I was before. The same thing goes for say starting a business as I often hear the point on how you have to be born with a certain skill to be successful at it. How can anyone truly believe that?

When it comes to things like these, I’ve never met a person who said that all of their skills literally just came naturally as they worked and learned new things everyday to become skilled in something. I think an important thing to keep in mind too is that if you are trying to accomplish something, don’t rule out the possibility of doing things differently based on your skill levels. For example, if you and someone’s else’s goal was to travel six blocks down the road in say a minute, if he was super athletic I’m sure he can just sprint down there. If you are more of the inventor type, then maybe you can make a quick bike of some sort and accomplish the same.

Like the say, most things can be taught and learned through a process. You just have to be willing to do it.

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