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Mystifying A Business

This was an interesting scenario I thought as a friend was telling me that he was approached by a random person who felt that he would be a good candidate for a potential business opportunity. As a result, he mentioned that he would lend him his Rich Dad Poor Dad book and that if he read everything he would then try to get him seats into an event that would teach him about a ground breaking business that simply required him to find other people. Not surprisingly, the guy wouldn’t go into detail on what the business was about.

I guess you all know what this was all about. This is why he then asked me if I had any idea on what it could be and sure enough I educated him about what it was most likely was. He then started to mention how he felt he approached him because they guy saw him walking out of the store with hundreds of dollars of clothing. So basically, an easy target.

It’s an interesting tactic I thought where the person gave so little detail about it where I suppose a lot of people would go through his routine just to see what it was about. Less is more is what I guess you can learn from that.

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