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More Trust In Digital or Traditional Media

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Today I stumbled across a lot of things that raised the debate on the ways people consume media nowadays and what that means for a business or even an everyday person. The main highlight was how in an online world virtually anyone can be the “journalist” which is why a lot of people put trust into things like online user reviews of products and services. However, that then brought up points such as how a traditional media source would say things like a blogger aren’t really credible compared to say a newspaper writer for opinion and review write-ups.

I’d like to think for the most part that most forms of online media are a little more raw whereas a traditional media is a little more formal and packaged fancier. I would say because of that rawness that is why so many businesses try to implement things like a blog or other social media platforms into its company routine. Many say it feels more like you are talking to a person and getting their views in an online realm.

Even when it comes to saving money I often find that reading experiences from real people who are willing to share their experiences online to be better than reading a guide of some sort. A big part of it is interactivity too as most places allow you to immediately communicate with the author. Some examples for me right here on this blog which I like a lot are times such as when all I do is simply publish information about weird “business opportunities” and say “This sounds a little sketchy…” and nothing more. Afterwards, everyone else around the world fills in the blanks and pretty much uncovers it through their comments.

Like most things it’s about balance too. I don’t see why you can’t take some here and there from both sources to get the best of both worlds. I would think too that you are falling behind if you don’t implement both into whatever type of business you do nowadays.

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