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Missing Out By Assuming Too Much

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This was a good example I felt on how many times you should still try even though the odds may play against you. Recently I had an extra item that is in hot demand currently where I decided to sell it. There were a ton of inquires which was expected and my mindset was whoever pays and travels to get it first is the new owner.

Now today it was snowing like crazy here which meant a lot of people changed their minds in traveling out of the house. I then got one message from a person where he already had a defeated tone where he assumed that it must have been taken by now but figured he would ask anyways. I actually still did have and he was super shocked. He immediately claimed it of course.

Many times in these situations people will have a “why bother” type of mentality and just leave it without trying. But as you can see that would have been a big mistake here. Many times you just can’t assume it’s over until it’s really over as they say. Give it a shot and you never know as you may just score still.

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