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Making Trips Longer For Value Sake

So I had a family member today ask if I wanted to take a trip with him as he needs to go for a sudden event. For myself it sounded like a feasible idea as I first assumed it would only be for a few days. However, he then said he would be staying for a month and that I can return on my own. I was then talking about the costs which didn’t seem to be worth it at all.

Apparently you have to get all of these extra logistics done to enter that country in particular and by the time you go through everything you are looking to spend like $5,000 just for a few days. Therefore, it made absolutely no sense financially unless you did indeed tend to stay for like a whole month or more. I was then thinking if I really wanted to stay for that long but then felt it was too much of a rush and trying to organize how I would handle things remotely.

I personally think one week trips should be under $1500 in terms of spending if you are mainly just visiting. Anything more usually has to be way longer in my mind to justify it financially unless you just don’t care about the money for whatever reason.

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