Making Someone Else Successful First With Your Offering

Making Someone Else Successful First With Your Offering

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I was hearing about a business story recently on how a company that provided various production services decide to help a person out in almost every way possible resource wise to help them launch a career. As the story turned out the person became rather successful and in return the company gets free attention by being attached to that person’s success.

It’s kind of an interesting topic as many times when people launch a business they are usually so focused in finding ways to get money from people. In this case though it’s more of a long-term investment kind of mindset where they are tackling two issues for a start-up. The first one is proving to people that their service really is in a sense good and the second is getting recognition to attract more people. In some ways it’s like an informal barter of services.

I suppose it can be tricky as you can’t exactly give your services for free to everyone as you need to live too. But it’s a perfectly alternative way in approaching your venture I feel which in some ways may be even better than focusing on just charging a lot of money in the beginning.

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