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Making Purchases Because Of One’s Effort

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Interesting scenario today. I went to a store with my parents as they were looking for a new blanket. In this store there were some blankets on the racks where you could see and feel the material in order to evaluate it. There was this one particular blanket that was wrapped neatly on a hangar of sort. My dad decided to pull it out to get a true look at it. The employees didn’t mind.

When they tried putting it back it required them to neatly fold up the blanket again in order to place it back which took them awhile. My mom then made a remark that we should buy one for the trouble that was put on them. Sure enough, that is what happened. Kind of interesting I thought as in many ways they were just doing their job.

I guess that is one way to make a sale. As oppose to focusing so much on say the price, simply showing your effort to make the customer happy can influence them to make a purchase just because of that. Even in this case there was no price comparison with other stores which is what you would think would naturally occur when shopping. The effort alone was a big enough factor to make a purchase.

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