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Making An Existing Invention Idea Fun

Bogeyman Egg Separator

My mom was excited about sharing this item with me that she saw online where at first I had no idea what it was. Before seeing the picture she just kept saying it was an egg separator where I then assumed maybe it was just very high tech. Nope. As you can see, this egg separator has kind of an “interesting” visual design to it.

I can’t even imagine someone would be using this on a day to day basis with a straight face. Nothing says morning breakfast with eggs right out of a nostril right? Obviously this is for fun and a form of a conversation piece I would say. What was kind of crazy I thought was how the price of this thing was like $70 in some cases.

I suppose for all the inventors out there sometimes you don’t necessarily need to invent the most revolutionary item to be successful. Like in this example, just the ability to make people smile and laugh can be just as an important factor in making a product successful.

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