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Luring People With Violence To Raise Money

martin shkreli punch

This was an odd piece of news. Probably known infamously as the guy who raised drug prices that helps people with HIV today he shouted out to the world where he was trying to raise money for a cause where his incentive was that the highest bidder would get to punch him in the face. Yes, you heard me right. AS it turned out too, apparently the winning bid was $50,000.

While this is kind of crazy, I have seen these kinds of things in other forms. For example, I remember before here there was a venue setup up where in exchange for donating money you would be given things like a computer that you can smash to bits. This was supposed to be for all the times you would want to break your own computer but know that it is too expensive to do so. This was supposed to fulfill that fantasy of sorts.

martin shkreli 50,000 dollars punch bid

I guess you can say in this case a lot of people often say they would want to punch Martin Shkreli and this would kind of be catering to that violent side of people. To think that sometimes the cause itself isn’t good enough where using violence is what draws people to take action.

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