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Lucky Charms And Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oatmeal Makes Me Wonder

branded oatmeal lucky charms

I just read what seems to be random news where there is apparently a Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch spin-off of sorts in the form of some instant oatmeal. That immediately gives the product a lot of name brand recognition of course. Though I was just thinking, wouldn’t marshmallows be kind of gross in oatmeal? It sounded so weird that it actually makes me want to try it.

It got me to think a lot about branding too when it comes to products. If you took away the brand recognition even I wouldn’t be as intrigued by it. But because I already associate those names with a certain product the idea of it being something else makes me curious. I suppose in many ways that’s why it can be good to change things up too to generate more interest.

Would you risk your brand in that way though where if the product turned out bad it could devalue the brand power as a whole? Although, I honestly don’t think it would affect the majority in that way as I would imagine most people would see it more as like something “extra” as opposed to the “main” product. Errr….I think I am going to try this stuff.

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