Luck Is Created

Luck Is Created

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A person told me today that some people in the world just get all the luck which is why they are so good at what they do. On top of that, he told me how without luck you can never be as successful as some of the bigger people out there. I personally always viewed luck as more of an earned happening rather than some random offering that fell from the sky, so to speak.

In many ways, I guess it is about attitude as well as a lot of negative people tend to take the small good things that happen to them as something too minuscule to be considered as a good happening. So same thing with say luck, I think everyone actually gets an equal amount of good luck and it’s just that some people only consider luck as being good if it was something massive in a materialistic type of way such as say you winning a car. For example, being able to donate my time and skills to profoundly help someone in their life can be considered lucky for example as not everyone has the same opportunity to do so.

A great more recent example of earning luck was that I decided I wanted to generate an extra $10,000 in business within a two month time span. Now for me, I actually did not obsess over that where every single day I kept thinking about it. Instead, I just kept working in a productive way as usual. Wouldn’t you know it, somehow in a little over a month there were all of these great people and companies who wanted extremely large projects done which obliterated that $10,000 goal. Some people tell me that it was just pure luck. I respond by saying I guess every other time is just pure luck too then huh?

I think luck is like say planting a seed. You plant something and treat it well in hopes that it will grow into something great. If I plant one hundred of them in an ideal environment and circumstance, can I honestly say it was just pure luck if say one plant grew into something extremely elegant compared to what people are used to? In that case, I would view it more as something that was earned which is kind of like that saying of “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

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