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Losing Your Revenue Source Instantly In One Day

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What a scary situation this must be to experience. I was reading this news about a company called the Curse network that relied on Google Adsense as its primary revenue model when it came to monetizing YouTube videos. As well, this company contracts hundreds of other content creators to do business with them where they get a cut of the profits. It seemed that without much explanation they lost their Google account which pretty much destroyed its Youtube business.

Kind of a scary thought huh when you are reliant on something and for the most part the rule is they can cut you off if they wish to do so. In this case too it’s kind of hard to plan other forms of revenue ahead of time if you are using a particular company’s platform to publish your work specifically. I guess from a self employment point of view this is the equivalent of a 9-5 worker just suddenly getting a pink slip from their employer.

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