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Losing So Much Value Over Speculations

I was reading a lot of news today about how a US telecommunications company called Verizon was thinking of entering the Canadian market by acquiring various small carriers. This generated a lot of news on how if they were allowed to come in the market here that it would be a big threat to the current companies who pretty much dominate the market. The interesting was with just this speculation the stock prices of the main telecommunication companies here started to drop drastically.

It made me think how if a big company or organizations really wanted to manipulate the market then all they really need to do is say extremely general things to make people worry or do things hastily. In many ways it makes me think of this like a poker match or something where it seems like it’s more of a physiological match. To be able to make people react this fast though is pretty amazing.

I guess at the same time a company wouldn’t ever want to overdue it as eventually people will think you don’t really mean it if you constantly announce your intent or interest in something without ever actually doing anything. Although I must say, like with this example when it comes to services like a cell phone it sure does make you want to hold off from any kind of long-term contract until you get more news if something like this has any merit or not.

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