Losing Too Many Times And When To Quit

Losing Too Many Times And When To Quit

After watching UFC 255 I was actually most interested in the CM Punk fight because I watch wrestling and seeing him trying to transition was fascinating. He got extremely beaten the first time and so the second time would really be the test to see if he has what it takes to actually do professional MMA. Unfortunately this time he got beaten again where it seemed like his opponent was toying with him. It did make me think, when you lose a lot at something when should you call it quits?

I know even in business many times people tell you to never give up as you need to keep going to succeed. However, sometimes you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Trying to think in other examples I know there are some well-known chefs that actually wanted to be sports athletes. Due to unfortunate circumstances such as an injury that wasn’t plausible. So instead they changed careers and id extremely well. Like there should they have kept on pushing for their original dreams instead and not give up?

Such a tough call where I am inclined to say there is no true correct answer as none of us can predict the future. I think my only train of thought is if it is like an “addiction” in the traditional sense of like substance abuse then that is when you should call it quits where there is no real positive to what you are doing. It’s different if it is just like say a really steep hill that is tiring but you know you can do it. In those cases you shouldn’t quit. But if you consistently fall off the cliff resulting in serious injuries then maybe you should reconsider.

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