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Looking At Your Total Funds For A Day Before Spending

Everyone here is gearing up for tax refund time and of course many have already planned on how they are going to spend it already. For myself, when I get these kinds of funds I usually just deposit it as I always like to look at how much funds I have in total before deciding anything. I usually find that you are more inclined to take your spending habits more seriously this way too.

For example, imagine that tax refund has just made it so that you now have over $10,000 in raw cash in the savings. Spending $500 on something and losing that milestone figure can be a huge deal in some funny ways as it is like you are throwing away an accomplishment. With that in mind, if you are doing so the purchase should be really worth it.

People often say that it eventually becomes a challenge to see how much higher you can get that number to. I guess you can say too, this way you are placing more value to what you have built as well.

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