Does Limiting Where You Can Go Aid In Saving Money For Your Lifestyle
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Does Limiting Where You Can Go Aid In Saving Money For Your Lifestyle

This was a thinking topic in many ways. Usually when it comes to saving money on things like shopping researching various places to get the best deals is often kind of important as not every place has the best prices for everything. Without doing so you could save say 50% off one item just to pay like a 300% markup on another which means you saved nothing. So in that sense exploring as may places as possible is good.

But a suggestion thrown out was how you should limit yourself to only shopping and traveling within your own area per se. That means only shopping at your local stores even if it is more. The logic behind that was how ultimately you save more money in terms of things like time and travel expense which isn’t exactly something that many people factor in when it comes to the end net result.

In many ways there is merit to that as I do find it weird when people travel with a car to go buy something $3 cheaper yet they just spent the same on gas as an example. For myself personally I would still look in as many places as possible as I find the savings are often substantial. As well it’s more about having a database of where to shop so that you can plan your travel route accordingly to minimize the time and expense.

For myself I do factor in those kinds of items and like most things planning is kind of important. Take the good stuff that works and make it your own I feel to get the best results.

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