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Likability Factor Versus The Skill

After watching the US debates today I swear at times it felt like I was watching a talk show of some sort where you often see outlandish things happen with loud audience reactions. It seemed more like it was for entertainment than information. Essentially the two candidates are fighting for a job if you think about it and that’s why I started to think when I heard all those audience reactions. Even though technically I would imagine people should be judging the candidates for things like skillset, based on the reactions and results it seemed to be more about who had the more standout personality with the wittiest comebacks of sorts.

It made me think how for even things like a more average day job that is often true where many times people could land the job or contract more because the people of power simply like a person’s personality more. Even if they are not as qualified skill wise. So when it comes to marketing for a business too that should be an important point of sorts where it’s not always about just listing credentials or being the best technically. A lot of times the ability to make an emotional connection with people can be the real thing you would have to focus on.

Although it would make me wonder where if you were like the business owner where people say it’s always about the results would you bring in the person who you absolutely hate morally and ethically but know that they will get the job done the best?

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