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Life Balance In Learning New Things With A Busy Schedule

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One thing I always try to do every day is learn new things. Whether that be from reading stories from other people or participating in new activities, I feel this is something you need to do to stay motivated to grow in life. So far this year a lot of the new activities I wanted to do simply conflicted with my working schedules which meant I couldn’t exactly participate in them. It’s already way past the first half the month too which shows you how time flies.

These aren’t really scenarios where I could simply leverage my time either as I need to specifically be there. It makes me wonder, what would you do if your business life is simply conflicting time wise with all the new things you wanted to try out in life? The two obvious answer would be either to stop working so much or learn through means that may not be as efficient. Example, if you wanted to learn to make new art then maybe you have to skip the schedules classes with like recorded videos of lessons you can learn whenever you want.

Another thing I was thinking too was that maybe it’s time to cut off some activities that I have been doing for awhile to free up more time to learn different things. This might seem like such a trivial thing to think about when it comes to business or finance, but I have often found that if you focus too much of your life in certain categories then this life imbalance will directly cause other parts in your life to suffer as well.

For example, money wise a stereotypical example would be a person that works so hard and makes so much money where they neglect to do things that they have fun with. What ends up happening is with all that money they made they then blow like 60% of their income in large spurts kind of as a way to make up for all that lost time and stress. That’s really scary to me when people do that such as drinking away or gambling their income because of this type of imbalance.

It’s not exactly the typical kind of things most people would get you to think about in being able to manage a financially stable lifestyle, but it is important I feel. Keeping your mind sharp and exposure to new things I feel is a great way to stay on top of your personal and professional life financially as you learn new ways to do things.

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