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Letting People Go Pretty Quickly In A Business

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I was reading all that news today about the US issues in regards to the immigration controversy. Apparently the acting attorney general didn`t want to follow through with an executive order and as a result she was fired from her position. There was mixed opinions about this of course where one side is debating the ethics of it and the other the business work side of it.

It made me think if that is always a good idea to simply fire people from a company that don`t immediately carry out things as you ordered. In many ways I guess it is the employer`s choice as it is their call where if someone isn`t doing a job then you can`t say much. At the same time I also see the other side of it where sometimes you could be pulling the trigger on an invaluable talent that can teach you better ways to do things.

I know even for myself there were plenty of times where when I worked for companies I would question “why would you do that” as I personally felt there were better ways. Funny enough I had two different managers with completely different mindsets on that. It just happened in this case the one that embraced people’s perspective ended up being more successful than the person that just immediately terminated people who didn’t fall in line.

It’s such a tricky topic though in many ways. People often do say don’t mix business with personal too right?

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