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Less Desire To Upgrade Right Away After A Delay

Today I got a pop up message on my computer. It just happened that my copy of Windows 10 is available for upgrade if I decide to do so. It’s been awhile since the launch too where in the beginning I was excited to upgrade it on the first day. Now that it has been awhile I don’t really feel the need to rush it as I am more inclined to do so when I read consistent news that issues have been fixed.

Kind of brings me back to the shopping delay tactic too where if you are thinking of buying something that you don’t really need you should simply take a day or two to think about it. Most often you will end up just waiting for even a better deal. Especially if there is nothing particularly special about the purchase such as being on sale.

That’s usually why too many salesmen often want to close the deal right at the store as opposed to giving you time to think about it. Good for your wallet, bad for their commission. I’ll eventually upgrade it of course. But just another example on how much effect a little delay can have in your spending habits.

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