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Less Crowded Areas To Sell

There was this one person who was telling me that he was trying to sell various products through sites like Ebay and craigslist during the holiday as he is simply trying to get all the hot items and reselling them for a premium price for all the last minute shoppers. The disadvantage in this case is that there are a ton of other people who are doing the same. So making yourself standout can be a challenge.

That was the interesting part as he then simply went to lesser known sites like Kijiji and sure enough while there is way less people that actually visit it there was enough to get attention for his listing where he was able to sell his stuff faster. Something to think about as if you are always trying to use the most popular and well known sources it can get hairy in trying to get people to even notice you in the crowd. I think the key a well is to start thinking about niche places where the crowd may not be as large but has a qualified audience so to speak.

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