Length of Time For Return On Investment
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Length of Time For Return On Investment

I was having a brief conversation with a person on how when it comes to making money he tends to want to see an immediate return as rarely from his experience does anything ever happen if he doesn’t see a positive return within six months. So instead of sticking to a lot of things, he simply plays it as a numbers game where he tries various things and only stays with things that generate a fairly quick result and then work with those.

To his or her own I guess as he seemed to be doing well. That’s something interesting to think about as many times I usually hear the “you have to stick at it” saying as things don’t come right away and that the reward will be greater by doing so. I personally go with that route as I usually adopt the same philosophy for other aspects in my life too. As to how long I would personally expect to see a return on investment when it comes to money, for myself that is kind of a hard thing to answer as I usually do something with more than one goal in mind as oppose to focusing solely on making money with it. Although, I guess in some way I would be no different as I would kind of expect something right away.

For example, it could be that I decided to get involved with this project that sounded like a great opportunity to learn and experience new things which also required me to invest some money into it. While I wouldn’t mind if it generated no money until like a year later, I would still expect to get what I expected in terms of the experience. Kind of a different circumstance from a purely money investment point of view I suppose.

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