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Learning Through Trial And Error Spending

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Recently I was debating about taking this course to possibly prepare me better for some changes happening in various industries due to new license procedures coming in. For the most part I understand all the basics to go on as usual but it would be more reassuring to study up on some material. While self-study and learning is an option I thought learning from an instructor would be great. But the prices are insane such as $700 just for a one day course. You could literally just study yourself and make errors as you learn which would still be cheaper.

I guess another way of thinking about it is pretend you had to learn how to drive. Would you rather spend $500 a day on what is arguably quality instructions to learn how to drive or would you rather go to say an empty parking lot and use money on like gas to keep driving to learn even if it is slower? Like there the cost makes it so much more appealing just to try and learn it yourself. You’ll probably have to spend more money on gas and stick at it longer as you learn.

Or another example is pretend you literally wanted to learn how to do a flip. Would you rather in that case spend $300 for a once a week class or would you rather invest that money on some safety mats where afterwards it’s going to be trial and error until you get it right? In those case I have seen tons of people who were self-taught and are now great at what they do. It’s not a bad option as sometimes we forget that a lot of stuff that was invented or mastered by people were done by just doing it because it wasn’t a thing yet.

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