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Knowing Sales From Other Regions

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Recently I have found myself trying to find store flyers well in advance before they begin circulating in sources such as a newspaper. It’s usually easy to find them online as many companies in different regions usually have the sales first and other regions would get it right after. While obviously you can save money by knowing what’s on sale the next week, funny enough it actually stops me from buying things that are more of a want as I am constantly interested in what the next sale is going to be before plunging in.

This can usually be a good way to indicate if there are going to be sales or promotions for certain products and brands too as in many cases organizations simply progress to other regions with similar offers. I guess this strategy is a lot easier for people who live on the west coast as most of the time I find items like future flyers as a result of companies on the east releasing them earlier due to the time zone difference.

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