Does Knowing Too Much Stop You From Pursuing Ventures

Does Knowing Too Much Stop You From Pursuing Ventures

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Today it started to snow quite a bit where there was actually plenty of warning about it. As a result many people opted to actually change their routine by simply staying home as an example. The reason is pretty straight forward as outside would be too cold or hard to walk. For myself the weather didn’t stop me. Instead I saw it as a good opportunity to try something that I have never done before. But it did make me wonder how like in this case how many people would have planned something for the day if they didn’t know it was going to snow while still following through.

It kind of reminds me on how there are so many business stories where entrepreneurs were always told things like the industry forecast is going to be really bad and so everyone should avoid starting anything until the market becomes better. However, there are then these few people who don’t really pay attention to these types of news and simply create the business anyways to then make a very successful business. So in those cases not knowing much worked to their advantage.

In many ways it’s about finding that balance of using the information you know as like an advisor to better prepare for the potential obstacles while at the same time finding a way to move forward still I feel. Easier said than done right? I guess for me I always like to think with the mindset that there isn’t ever really only one true way to do something. Basically, process the information you receive and adapt it for your own unique journey as they say.

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