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Knowing Enough People To Make A Team

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For the second time in recent weeks I have seen various opportunities that required a team of people with short notice to do and it got me thinking how it’s so important to meet as many different kinds of people as possible as you never know what will happen tomorrow. Often times we focus a lot in investing in resources to make things more productive for ourselves whereas in cases like these it would seem sensible to invest in things that allow you to meet more people as well.

I usually get to do this as a result of working on projects or jobs that simply interest me. In some ways in these cases it’s almost like getting paid to meet others. Even with the last work I participated in I was surprised to see there were many other people who had similar industry backgrounds like myself except in different categories. It’s almost like doing a non-profit project and indirectly meeting people whom may have a skill or trait that would be suitable for a future line of work. It keeps life interesting too where you won’t complain about having a boring routine every day. Opportunities are always getting thrown at you when you least expect it. You just have to be prepared to take advantage of them and many times that involves knowing the right people.

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