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Killing Time In A Shopping Area

Today I was out with some family members mostly as a get together where we went for a meal. Afterwards, for one reason or another it was suggested that we go to this shopping area to kill some time as maybe there will be something interesting there as well. As you would expect, many people ended up buying things that they never planned to by the time they left the store.

Sure makes you wonder how much extra money you may have spent in a year because of scenarios like this where you couldn’t think of anything else to do and so you decided to say hang around in the mall for awhile just to end up buying things you don’t need. In this scenario it was mainly the kids that were bought items such as toys as the prices seemed cheap and of course they asked for it.

I guess from a financial point of view having your events planned all day ahead of time can save you money as opposed to randomly ending up in scenarios like these.

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