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Just Specializing In One Field Can Sure Create Endless Employment Options

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Today I was at a restaurant where the manager of the restaurant happened to be a familiar face. We recognized him as he used to work at a restaurant that was very close to the house. For whatever reason though the restaurants constantly changed owners and I guess that meant staff changes too. The interesting thing was we kept seeing this same person in different restaurants still having the same management status regardless of how unstable a specific restaurant were.

This made me think how the person must have been working in the industry for so long that everyone pretty much knows who he is while knowing his stuff on how to do a great job. He does seem to do a very good job at running restaurants too. In this example it kind of showed how if you really want to cement yourself as like “the guy” where almost everyone would want you then you just have to be consistent and stick with it in many ways.

A lot of times people give up super-fast at whatever it is they do only to jump back into it later. That break could mean a lot of loss opportunity and experience to maintain your status in the industry I guess you can say too.

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