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Just Needing An Inspirational Design Look

I was in an area today where there seemed to be a lot of curves and walkways that surrounded a pretty popular landmark. What I noticed was how so many people were using it as like a track to run around for exercise. That’s not odd or anything as you see this all the time whenever there is a structure that reminds people of like a track and field of some sort. The funny thing I was thinking was how so many people are probably motivated to exercise there simply because of the design. This is as opposed to maybe running around your neighborhood block.

I never thought too much of things like interior design as a way to get you to do certain things. I guess in this example maybe it can help with your productivity a bit. Example, investing in things to make your home office to actually feel like an office to get you to focus on your work. I would imagine for many if their house was their home office it would be easy for people to get distracted as your home is supposed to be like your safe place where you shouldn’t be stressing out. However, I can see how making it look like a professional workplace can help to get you on track. Almost no different to people having motivational posters and all.

Wouldn’t that be a little silly such as how if you have a home gym which you struggle to ever get the motivation to use that all it takes is a little room design look to get you going?

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