Just Getting Seen Everywhere At Once

Just Getting Seen Everywhere At Once

This was kind of funny as today I was reading about how a person became pretty well off financially by spending a ton of money on ads for his products. Basically to my understanding he essentially bought out advertising inventory in many cases to the point where regardless of where you went you always saw this guy’s ad. It became so prominent that people were just commenting on the fact that they see the ads everywhere which gave him even more exposure.

In many ways it’s a smart marketing move when you think about it. To me it didn’t seem like he really offered anything super special. But just the fact that he plastered himself everywhere at once sure had a big impact in terms of getting him the necessary exposure to sell his products and services.

That’s an interesting thought as usually when you think of things like a marketing budget companies tend to spend I gradually over time. But I guess in examples like this it can work better in certain situations just by going out all at once. I was just thinking how funny or effective it would be if like on a TV show the same company displayed literally the same 30 second ad on one commercial break. Would that be more effective in having like say one ad spread across 4 commercial slots? I guess like in this case that wacky idea could at times work.

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