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Just Catering To An Angry Customer or Not

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I saw this video today of what appears to be a disgruntled Apple customer. From the looks of the video he basically went into an Apple store and began to smash a bunch of iPhone and Macbooks. This kind of made me think of all the times I have seen companies simply cater to angry customers as to them it’s not worth the time and money it would cost in dealing with them. Would you have just catered to this guy too?

The sad thing is that there are often people who recognize that companies would just cater to your demands despite how wrong the person is as the business does not want to make a scene. I remember working in a retail store before where this person wanted to return an open movie. Her reasoning was that it was a bad movie and that she was an unsatisfied customer. After explaining the policy to her she then decided to literally just yell very loud like a little child. The funny thing I observed out of that was how right after she did that she had an embarrassed look on her face. It was as if she knew she was acting dumb but at the same time knew it would work. Sure enough it did and she got a refund.

This is one of those “pick your battles” I guess you can say as sometimes people just can’t be reasoned with. In some ways it’s like you would have to think purely from a financial point of view as opposed to an ethical one.

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