Judging Wealth Based On How Much You Spend
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Judging Wealth Based On How Much You Spend

dji mavic pro lake

So I have been recently flying the DJI Mavic drone I purchased and it’s been a lot of fun as it has opened up a lot of creative possibilities for me I feel. One of the challenges is finding places where I can actually fly this thing due to regulations and so at times I have found spots that should be considered good while not having that many people around.

There was this one spot I found where an elderly man was all alone as he had like a chair set up on the beach shore while having a fishing rod just sitting there in hopes to catch some fish I would assume. I asked him if it would be okay if I flew my drone around here and he mentioned he was okay with. So I did. As I flew it around he was kind of stunned as I guess he didn’t exactly know what a drone was at first. As I landed it his first question was how much did it cost. I told him it was over $1300 and he immediately reacted by saying he would be terrified flying that thing around water and that I must be a rich guy to have that.

I was then saying how I don’t think buying things like this constitute as rich as some people buy boats or even cars which cost way more money. He actually said his car was less than this drone which was a shock to me. But it sure made me think how judging people’s wealth based solely on the things they buy doesn’t really tell the whole story I feel.

Like in my case I don’t consider myself extremely financially wealthy where I can like buy private airplanes or anything like that. Instead I just have different habits where I choose to spend my money on things like this instead. For example, I don’t buy coffee in the morning at the coffee shop like many people do. If you add that up in a year would that not be over $700 just like that? Would you say anyone who buys coffee must be rich then?

For myself when I see people buying large items I am always curious as to their money spending habits that enable them to do so. I often find I can learn a thing or two while seeing if it would be suitable for my lifestyle as well. You can never stop learning I feel on how much you can do with very little money as an example.

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