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Job Applications Using Video Instead of A Paper Resume

Maybe it’s just me, but I have noticed in recent times that it seems more common that companies are requesting people to submit a video resume of sorts to get a job as opposed to just sending in a traditional paper resume. They don’t ask you to do anything silly it seems where they simply want you to tell them who you are and what you are all about as if you were having the live interview with them.

I would imagine that we aren’t quite there yet where people would be comfortable with a process like this. In many ways I can see people viewing this similar to asking people to attach a photo along with their resume for a simple retail job as an example. Basically, it would sound too weird and sketchy. I think the entertainment industry is the only real place where these kinds of interview process would be considered normal and acceptable.

Then again, freelance sites are a little different as many people expect to see like a face behind the username before even considering to hire the person. In those cases too people often make video introductions to increase their chances of landing a job by showing that they are a real person. I suppose you can argue that most businesses and entrepreneurs do that anyways.

Would you think giving out a video resume at this day in age for a standard job is considered good or weird?

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