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Is Visiting A Shopping Mall A Good Activity Alternative From Paid Events?

Today I was at the mall for a relatively long time which is unusual for me as I usually have a specific list of things I need and then I am gone. However, I was doing a report on a venue today where as a result I stayed there for hours. One thing I noticed as I walked around and talked to people was that so many people were at the mall simply for like a walk. They weren’t here to buy any merchandise or food products as it was simply like a stroll in the park for them. Do you ever go to the mall just as like a family event without the intent of spending any money?

I would imagine it would make kids anxious as they are enticed by so many goodies around them as an example where many would just buy stuff to keep them happy. Or at the same time, passing by stores and seeing sales where you buy things you didn’t plan to do. The only real kind of mall roaming I do is if say I was going home for the day and the mall just happens to be on my way back. As a result, I kind of walk through the mall while passing by places I shop at normally to see if there are any random deals all of a sudden.

Although, I guess one thing that it can be good for is that it makes you more aware of what a real sales deal is. Sometimes I see in the mall various stores will always be advertising itself with a store closing sale as a way to attract shoppers. This would be more obvious if you visited the places more frequently.

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