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Is Taking Advantage of Coupons Primarily A Female Thing?

I was watching a news segment today that talked about shoppers that refuse to pay the full retail price on any product as the item has to either be on sale or that there is a coupon that can be used on it. They then showed how many of them had stacks of coupons as if it was a card collection of some sort. One thing I noticed is that everyone that was interviewed was a female.

Kind of interesting I thought as stereotypically I think most people would label guys as the ones who always want to save money when it comes to shopping. Usually when you read sites or watch segments like these though it’s usually a female crowd that has all the tips and sources on how to get bargains.

I guess for many guys using things like coupons in some ways lowers your status if you are trying to impress people on how much money you make. I’d like to think though where if that is truly the mentality then all you need to do is adjust your way of thinking and that you base your ego on how much is in the bank at the end of the day.

I personally use coupons when I see them available but never actually keep like a collection of them. I tend to get most of my discounts by understanding which products are like the loss leaders and such.

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