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iPhone Rate Plan Backlash

I was just reading about the new data rate plans for the iPhones that are going to come out here and wow are they ever expensive. There is an article online at the globe and mail where you can read more about it.

The lowest plan is $60/month which gives you 400MB of data and 150 phone minutes with unlimited evenings and weekends. Not only that, but apparently you have to sign up for a three year contract as well.

I honestly thought that the iPhone would create some kind of unlimited data plan here in Canada since the demand for the product is probably going to be pretty high. Then again, a lot of people had no problem paying hundreds of dollars in service fees for it before and so I guess as long as enough people think it is a fair price it will stick.

Judging by the comments on that site, it doesn’t look like there are many happy campers.

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