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Investing Money In Security Software or Not

A funny thing a happened today when I was browsing with my smartphone as I got this weird pop up message saying that my phone was compromised and that I should click on a link to download the necessary software to clean it. Of course just based on experience I knew this was fake as it was essentially like an ad that is hoping to scare you into downloading the product. That item in itself is probably spyware or a virus as an example. Although my phone is still fairly new security software isn’t usually on my priority list. For yourself do you tend to invest in this stuff right away or only until something happens?

For myself I usually try and watch what I do such as never downloading programs other than from official stores or turning off a lot of functions at times where I’d rather not run hundreds of scripts. So in that sense for me security software is more of a resource hog in my mind many times I find. At the same time I always found that a lot of the free software for these kinds of things are just as good which makes me wonder why anyone would need to pay for one nowadays. Especially ones that ask you to pay a monthly fee.

I am more concerned about backing up data personally. Cause usually if you have anything bad in your system I would say wiping the whole thing can often be a good way to try and make it as if you bought it on day one. Again though, to me there are just too many free options that are reputable too for me to think about spending money on it if needed.

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