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Investing In Higher Quality Items Before You Need It

I was thinking recently that maybe I should buy a new microphone as while the one I am using serves me well at the moment, I was looking at some future projects where I may need some higher quality audio. Now the one I am using isn’t bad at all and was about $150. The one I was thinking of getting is well over $400. So that begs the question, do you invest in these kinds of things now to be prepared or do you do this only when you actually need it?

If this was simply something for personal use then I would indeed say no way. However, it’s trickier when it is something you are thinking about for your business and professional products. At the same time, I can easily see this is how financially irresponsible executives drain out a company bank where they buy all these upgrades that their business can’t fully utilize yet.

I guess as usually, the tried and true way to justify it is to find a way to generate more income than intended or to cut cost elsewhere. Sounds easier said than done for most people. But this way it makes you earn it in many ways as it’s no different than being a kid and always wanting everything I think. Just make yourself earn it.

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