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Internet Sales Tax

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I was reading various articles today on how in the states the proposal to force online retailers to charge an online sales tax seems to be passing through fairly quickly. For those that are not aware, apparently this originated as a way to make it more fair for brick and mortar stores as many times products are cheaper online as a result of them not having to charge taxes.

Maybe it’s just me, but even when I shop at places like Amazon I always get charged taxes here. So to me this doesn’t really make much of a difference. What I do notice is that not all online retailers here charge you for things like an electronic recycling fees whereas most brick and mortar stores do. Another thing that was interesting was how some people were saying it was unethical to shop online since it is almost like you are breaking the law for not paying tax on the purchases.

Overall, again I personally don’t see this being too big of a deal. It must be a pain for like a small business though if you were used to not having to charge taxes and this would mean even say an Ebay seller would now have to register and collect taxes.

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