Interesting Starbucks Outage Tagged #thefrappening

Interesting Starbucks Outage Tagged #thefrappening

During my daily news browsing on Twitter I was reading how Starbucks apparently had a system outage where all of its stores were unable to take electronic payments. As a result, for many places if you didn’t have cash to pay for your drinks the company simply gave away drinks for free. That must be a coffee lover’s dream.


I don’t drink coffee personally so this deal didn’t cater to me. But it was interesting to think about business wise as you would think that a company would simply turn people away and apologize for the inconvenience. However, giving away drinks for free is an interesting way to apologize while maintaining a good image I must say. It’s almost like the free advertising they are getting is probably worth more than the coffee they have given away.

Would you have actually went out of your way to get free coffee in this case knowing that the payment system was malfunctioning?

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